Wireless 911 & Cell Phones

Cellular telephones display your location subject to exceptions. Cell phones are not as precise as a traditional, landline telephone. When using a cell phone to dial 911, you should be prepared to give your location to the Communications Officer.

Phase II Wireless Technology

Phase II wireless technology allows an incoming cellular 911 call to be plotted on a map at each dispatch position depending on the cellular carrier and the technology in the cellular telephone being used.

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phone service (Vonage, Time Warner, etc.) varies depending on your service provider. Please read the fine print from your VoIP provider about 911 and visit the 911 VoIP website to learn more.


Ohio enacted legislation to charge $0.28 cents per cell phone to help cover expenses providing 911 service to cell phone users. This legislation will end in 2012. The wireless charge is collected by the respective cell phone company and forwarded to the state 911 coordinator. The state coordinator oversees the disbursements of this fund to each county in Ohio.