Co-Parenting in Today's World Classes

Local Rules

Pursuant to the Williams County Common Pleas Court’s Local Rules in both the Domestic Relations and Juvenile Divisions, all parents and legal custodians involved in domestic relations cases and in juvenile paternity cases are required to attend the Co-Parenting in Today’s World class.  This one session class is designed to assist you as a parent to resolve issues that may arise in your relationship with the other parent and your children.

New Domestic Relations Cases

After the filing of a complaint for divorce or a petition for dissolution of marriage in which minor children are involved and before said action will proceed to final hearing, every party seeking the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities for the care of minor children, and both parties seeking a dissolution, shall attend one session of a parenting class sponsored by the Common Pleas Court of Williams County, Ohio, Division of Domestic Relations.

Post - Decree Domestic Relations Cases

Before any motion for a change of allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, including visitation, will be set for final hearing, every party seeking any allocation of such parental rights and responsibilities shall attend the above referred to parenting class if they have not done so within the last two years immediately prior to the filing of such motion. A certification of attendance will be filed in the case file for each participant after each class.

Complaint for Paternity/Motion for Allocation of Parental Rights in Juvenile division

The parents/legal custodians will be required to complete the Co-Parenting in Today’s World program after an initial filing or upon returning to Court on a Motion to reallocate parental rights.   The parties may notify the Court if they have completed the program in the 12 months prior to the new filing.  A certificate of attendance will be filed in the case after each participant attends and completes the program.

Failure to Complete

Any litigant failing to complete the session within sixty (60) days of the filing of the original pleading may not be eligible to receive any allocation of parental rights. In the event that no party to the action completes the session within said sixty (60) day period, the action will be dismissed for want of prosecution.


Effective September 1, 2001, the fee for attendance at said parenting class shall be thirty-five dollars ($35) per person. In most cases, a deposit was posted with the Clerk of Courts at the time the original pleadings were filed which included the cost of the Co-Parenting in Today’s World Program. In the event your pending case was filed without posting a deposit with the Clerk or if the deposit has been exhausted, you will be required to pay $35 for each adult to participate in Co-Parenting in Today’s World at the door on the date of your session.

Scheduled Classes

Upon the filing of a domestic relations case or a juvenile paternity case, the Assignment Commissioner will automatically schedule you for the next Co-Parenting in Today’s World Session or What About Me when applicable. You will receive written confirmation in the mail as to your class date and time. It is extremely important to keep the Court up to date as to all parties current mailing addresses. Williams County classes are held on the third Tuesday of every other month. Sessions will start promptly at 5:30 p.m. at Wesley United Methodist Church located at 903 Center Street, Bryan OH. No one will be able to enter the classroom after the session has commenced. In the event you are unavailable at the scheduled time, for a domestic relations case you must notify the Assignment Commissioner at 419-636-2644 or via email immediately to reschedule. For a juvenile case you must notify the Assignment Commissioner at 419-636-1548 or via email immediately to reschedule.

Unexcused absence from a scheduled session shall result in a Ten Dollar ($10) rescheduling fee being charged, which shall be assessed as additional Court costs and placed in the “Parenting Education Fund.”


The Co-Parenting in Today’s World class is also offered in Henry County. Please contact the domestic relations division of that county for details on their program. Should it be more convenient for you to participate in a class outside of Williams County, please contact the Assignment Commissioner for removal from the Williams County class roster and to avoid assessment of costs for an unexcused absence. 

At the conclusion of the out of county session, a certificate of attendance will be given to you. Please retain this and provide it to the Williams County Clerk of Courts to be filed in your pending case.

Non - Resident 

We understand some parties in a domestic relations case or a juvenile case, no longer reside in the State of Ohio. If you are unable to attend the class in Williams County, you will be eligible to participate in a similar program in your area. Please contact your local domestic relations court or juvenile court to inquire about current parenting programs. Once completed, submit proof of attendance to:

 Williams County Clerk of Courts
 One Courthouse Square
 Bryan OH 43506.

If you do not attend the Williams County Co-Parenting in Today’s World Program or a similar program, the Court may deny you parenting time with your child(ren).

What About Me Program 

Please keep in mind that the What About Me Program is not available online. As stated, if you have children between the ages of 5 and 17 who are required to attend the What About Me Program, the children must attend the live class held in either Williams or Henry County.