When Purchasing Gas


  • Be sure that zero is indicated on the amount of gallons and purchase total before starting to pump the product.
  • Multiply the price per gallon by the amount of gallons to be sure the total price is correct.
  • When possible, pump one gallon from a self-serve pump and check price against the pump's advertised price per gallon.
  • Take note of the identifying number on gasoline pumps in case a problem should develop. This will help our office verify your complaint.

Large Purchasing Quantities

If purchasing fuel oil or gasoline in large quantities from a metered vehicle truck, when possible watch the meter as the fuel is pumped. Check to see that the meter is sealed by the Weights and Measure Department. Be sure you receive a delivery ticket which states:

  • The name and address of the vendor and purchases
  • The date delivered
  • The price and quantity delivered
  • The identity of the product