Genealogy Resources

Accessible Records

The Williams County Records Center has index resources to assist in genealogy research. Some of the historic records accessible through the Records Center include:

  • Birth Records 1867 to 1908
  • Civil War Discharges
  • Death Records 1867 to 1908
  • Divorce Records 1824 to present
  • Estate Records 1824 to present
  • Marriage Records 1824 to present
  • Naturalization Records 1860 to 1906
  • Tax Duplicates

Contact Us for Help

If you are interested in accessing records, it is recommended to call 419-636-8253 or send an email with detailed information. This initial contact will allow us to identify the tools that might benefit your research and have them available. Some Williams County Records are stored off-site so this initial call will allow us to access information. While we are not available to provide research services, the staff is available to make recommendations on different resources available and provide guidance in using the database to find information.

Birth & Death Records

Birth and Death records held in the Williams County Records Center are not certificates. These are line item entries recorded by assessors in the county’s volumes. The Records Center transcribes the information from these volumes onto a piece of paper which is provided as documentation of the birth or death, and can be certified by Records Center personnel. Should you be interested in seeing the original documentation, please visit the Records Center where the staff can provide access to these volumes.