How much of a reduction will I get?

The amount of reduction that you may receive depends on the tax rate of your community. The program provides an exemption from real property taxes on the first 25,000 of an eligible taxpayers homestead. Call the Auditor's office at 419-636-5639 for an estimate of tax savings.

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1. Who is eligible for the Homestead Exemption?
2. What is the definition of "permanently and totally disabled"?
3. Are there other requirements for the Homestead Exemption?
4. When can I apply?
5. Does the Homestead Exemption have an effect on the other real estate tax reductions?
6. Can the surviving spouse of a deceased person qualify?
7. What happens if I provide false information?
8. How much of a reduction will I get?
9. Will I still have taxes to pay?