Adult Probation

The Williams County Adult Probation Department, operating with both County and State funds, was established by the Common Pleas Court as a way to provide the Court with a sentencing alternative for offenders, other than incarceration in the Ohio penal system. The department strives to serve the Court and Williams County community by endeavoring to meet the ever-changing needs of the Court, the victims of crime, the offenders and the public. 

The Williams County Adult Probation Department provides many services to the Court, but the most obvious task of the Adult Probation Department is the effective supervision of more than four hundred adult offenders within our community. A true hybrid between law enforcement and human services, probation’s strength lies in its authority and capacity to hold offenders accountable for the harm their actions have caused and to repair broken lives. A highly trained team of Probation Officers conducts office, home, work and community visits as the primary means of supervision. Officers also work closely with numerous agencies throughout the community to ensure that offenders are given the resources to meet their needs to make victim restitution and become law-abiding citizens.

Offenders receive a one to five year term of supervision with the Probation Department, contingent upon many factors, including the seriousness of the offense. The Common Pleas Court can sanction offenders who are not in compliance with their probation accordingly, up to and including prison sentences. Community Corrections initiatives like probation have proven to provide safe supervision of offenders in the community while remaining cost-effective.

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