Victim Assistance

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Perhaps the greatest difficulty for many crime victims is trying to understand and prepare themselves for involvement in the criminal justice system. Through Victim Assistance, victims receive information about the procedures of the criminal justice system. Victims and their families receive ongoing information on the status of their case. 

An advocate will accompany victims to court, or attend on their behalf. An advocate can provide assistance in the preparation of a Victim Impact Statement to be considered at the sentencing phase of a criminal case.


Our criminal justice system has long been a symbol of respect for human rights, particularly the rights of persons accused of crimes. The Williams County Victim Assistance Program broadens the system's respect for human rights to include the rights of victims of crime. The Williams County Victim Assistance Program is made possible by support from Federal and State Grants, the Williams County Prosecuting Attorney and local Williams County governments.

- Katherine J. Zartman, Williams County Prosecutor