Building Notice Vs. Zoning Permit

Information about building notices and zoning permits:

  • Center, Pulaski, and Springfield Townships are zoned townships. Also, Lake Seneca issues permits prior to the County's.
  • Residents of Center Township should obtain a zoning permit from the township inspector prior to construction 419-636-0823.
  • Residents of Springfield Township should obtain a zoning permit from Springfield Township zoning inspector, contact Phil Short 419-682-6421.
  • Pulaski Township is "County Zoned" and residents should contact Tom Saul 419-636-2878 or Tod Schlachter 419-636-1397) for information regarding zoning and construction.
  • Lake Seneca Property Owners - contact Carol Swiatkowski 419-485-5995.

Additional Information

Should you have any questions regarding the building notice process, please contact the Williams County Auditor's office at 419-636-5639, ext.5141.