WCTA Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2022

The fourth quarterly meeting of 2022 of the Williams County Township Association was held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Edgerton, OH on November 17, 2022 for the annual WCTA Banquet. The ladies of St. Mary’s Catholic Church served a wonderful dinner.

President Bob Short welcomed all present and thanked them for coming. President Short then recognized our special guest Ed Huff, Tim Lynch, and Ron Miller from the Ohio Township Association office. State Fire Marshalls Tom Bently & Rick Slader, Carrie Schlade (Bryan Mayor), Doug Crawford & Elliott Richardson (ODOT). President Short thanked all of our county officials who were present: Lew Hilkert (County Commissioner), Todd Roth (County Engineer), Katie Zartman (County Prosecutor), Jim Watkins (County Health Dept), and Tom Kochert (County Sheriff). Local Fire Departments represented: Doug Pool (Bryan FD), Millcreek’s FD, and Tad Schingledecker (Springfield FD). President Short also thanked Patrick Azzarella from Redline, Ryan Ruble from Kenn-Feld, and Dan Stocker from Stoop Trucking.

Ohio Fire Marshalls reported on the happenings of fire departments throughout the State. Their job is to enforce the fire code, educate on fire safety, inspect buildings, underground safety tanks. They are in need of volunteers throughout the State; 73% of fire calls are handled by volunteer fire departments. They are having a difficult time getting young people involved. They are looking at ways to help Townships with funding to get new recruits, physical exams (required), and training.

The OTA officers stated the Winter Conference is “Back On Track” with 60 educational classes, 150 vendors, and endless opportunities to assist Townships. They reminded us of the Scholarship applications with 5 scholarships to give away this year: Trade School scholarships also. The OTARMA MORE Grant has 9 of the 12 Townships that have applied this year.

Katherine Zartman, Williams County Prosecutor, reported that crime is up, child services cases are up, and that they are having staff changes with two new attorneys coming on board. The Prosecutor reminded us the importance of having a “Public Records Policy”.

Sheriff Kochert reported all is good at the Sheriff’s Department. The Deputies just finished 24 hours of training, and they added a K-9 to replace a K-9 that retired.

Todd Roth reported on the Salt Contract and the mileage certification, no changes from last year. There has been lots of request for Right of Way, particularly from Frontier. Next years projects will be County Road O, CR 16 to US 127, and CR 22 (south end), and CR 16 (G to J). Chip & Seal will be reduced due to funds.

Jim Watkins reported on the Health Department. They have some staff changes. Health Department assessment shows obesity is an issue; this will take the community working together to resolve this.

Lew Hilkert informed all, the Commissioner’s Office is now at the East Annex due to asbestos issues on the fourth floor of the Courthouse.

Doug Crawford stated their fleet is in good shape, loaded up with salt and the snow/ice open house went well.



The business meeting was called to order by President Bob Short. The meeting started with Bob Short leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary-Treasurer Deanne Batterson completed the roll call with thirty-one (30) members present from the following Townships: Brady, Bridgewater, Center, Florence, Madison, Millcreek, Northwest, Pulaski, St. Joseph, Springfield and Superior.

The Minutes were read. Rod BAker made a motion to approve the minutes; Chrys Maneval seconded, and the motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was read by Deanne Batterson. Bert Brown moved to approve the report as presented, Tod Schlachter seconded the motion; motion carried.

Tod Schlachter reported on the Maumee Valley Planning Commission: MVPO applied for funding to the CDBG Critical Infrastructure Program (Round 1) for the Bryan South Lynn Street Waterline Replacement Project. In the Fall of 2022, MVPO will apply to the CDBG Critical Infrastructure Program (Round 2) for the Montpelier Storm Sewer Replacement Project.

Mike Elser reported on the Solid Waste Management recent meeting. He reported the most recent Solid Waste Recycling Plan was approved by the Ohio EPA in August of 2021, the next plan re-write will be in 2025. Recycling is on the rise and new officers were elected; Mick Procratski, Defiance Co. Commissioner as President and Mike Weible, Paulding County Commissioner as Vice President.

Bert Brown reported on the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale and thanked the Township Association for their support.

President Short reported on the One Ohio Committee; Opioid funds in Ohio are at a standstill at this point. Still need to have a Region 16 meeting yet. Ann Carr won the flag at the County Fair; Rep Hoops provided the flag which was flown above the State Capital. The Fair Boot was good and under the grandstand (Bob & his wife gave the boot a face lift). Bob presented the idea of getting a new banner for next year which would be $100. Deanne Batterson made a motion to purchase the new banner, 2nd by Bert Brown and the motion carried. Bert Brown made a Motion to have the same deluxe space fair booth next year, seconded by Steve Planson and the motion carried.

Election of officers was the next item of business. Tod Schlachter moved to nominate Bob Short as President, Michael Elser, seconded the motion. Bert Brown moved to close nominations Tim Nofziger seconded the motion; motion carried.

Rod Baker moved to nominate Michael Elser as Vice President; Tod Schlachter seconded the motion. Don Kunkle moved to close nominations; Jeff Burkholder seconded the motion; motion carried.

Bert Brown moved to nominate Deanne Batterson as Secretary-Treasurer, Tod Schlachter seconded the motion. Ed Ruffer moved to close nominations, Chrys Maneval seconded the motion; motion carried.


Dan Gillen moved to nominate Jeff Burkholder as Executive Committeeman, Richard Moffett seconded the motion. Don Kunkle moved to close nominations, Tod Schlachter seconded the motion; motion carried. There were no additional nominations from the floor for any position.

President Short stated membership at the OTA for WCTA is at 100%, he has the Certificate. President Short reminded all to attend the OTA Winter Conference in January of 2023.

Mark Schmucker presented to the Township Association his request for the Township Association to oppose the Aquifer project. After a period of time for discussion, the Township Association took a vote with 16 members voting to oppose the Aquifer project.

Therefore, Mark Schmucker made a Motion to pass the following Resolution:

Resolution No. 01-2022

Recognizing and Promoting the Importance of the Michindoh Aquifer and Opposing

The Withdrawal of Water Resources From the Aquifer by AquaBounty, LLC

WHEREAS, the Michindoh Aquifer supplies agricultural, commercial, and industrial water resources as well as drinking water, for the residents in Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan and Northeast Indiana and there are no economically feasible alternative water sources should the aquifer become depleted; and

WHERAS, AquaBounty, LLC, a Massachusetts-based for-profit company, proposes to build a facility to produce genetically engineered salmon in Pioneer, Ohio; and

WHEREAS AquaBounty plans to withdraw up to 5.25 million gallons per day from the Michindoh Aquifer and to discharge up to 5.19 million gallons per day into the East Branch of the St. Joseph River; and

WHEREAS, the proposed plans for withdrawal and consumptive use of water resources do not incorporate maximum feasible conservation practices and will have a significant detrimental effect on the quantity, and potential quality, of water resources for those currently served by the Michindoh Aquifer; and

WHEREAS, the wastewater discharge into the East Branch of the St. Joseph River will disrupt the river’s ecosystem and increase pollutants, excess nutrients, and flooding in the area; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Williams County Township Association, Williams County, Ohio:

That this public body does hereby declare its strong opposition to the AquaBounty facility proposed in Pioneer, Ohio and its planned withdrawal of water resources from the Michindoh Aquifer, which would have an adverse impact on the aquifer and endanger the consumptive use, and public health, welfare and safety of those who are currently served by, and rely on, the aquifer, not only in Ohio, but also our neighbors in Indiana and Michigan; and

That the Williams County Township Association does hereby encourage and promote cooperation with all public bodies served by the Michindoh Aquifer to join in a collaborative action to pass similar legislation and to protect our valuable water resources; and

That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect at the earliest period provided by law for the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Williams County, Ohio.


Williams County Township Association Vote: 16- yes and 14- no

President declared the Resolution duly adopted and to be designated RESOLUTION NO. 01-2022.

President Short brought presented the need for a Township to publish the Snow Plow Policy, noting which Townships have previously took their turn; 2014-Springfield, 2015-Jefferson, 2016-Pulaski, 2017-Brady, 2018-St. Joseph, 2019-Millcreek, 2020-Florence, and 2021-Bridgewater. Madison Township said their township will take on this responsibility for this year.

Bert Brown made a motion to pay the local singers $100 for their performance, Jeff Burkholder 2nd the motion and the motion carried.

Door Prizes (1) Brady Township – Stoops $400 gift cert; (2) Madison Township – Selking $250 gift certificate; (3) Millcreek Township – StoneCo 15-ton limestone; (4) Superior Township – Pahls 500 materials; and Florence Township – Thiel Oil Gift Card

Next meeting will be February 16, 2023, which will be held at Center Township at 7 PM.

Tod Schlachter made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; seconded by Michael Elser and the motion carried. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Deanne Batterson