Public Office Access

Due to COVID19, many offices have modified how they are to be accessed by the public. This page will be updated as needed.

Auditor, Recorder, and Treasurer’s Office

Thank you all for being so patient with county offices during the past seven months.  After much deliberation, we have decided the Auditor, Treasurer and Recorder Offices will return to regular business hours beginning October 13, 2020.  

Please keep in mind; we do not know what 2021 will bring but it is clear between the need to socially distance, limit the number of people in our offices and the current real estate market we cannot remain closed.  We are hopeful that the sacrifices we have all made through 2020 will keep the county fiscally solid for 2021.

We all appreciate you and the sacrifices you have shared during this unprecedented time.


Patti Rockey, Williams County Recorder

Vickie Grimm, Williams County Auditor

Kellie Gray, Williams County Treasurer

SECOND HALF 2020 PAY 2021 








2020 PAY 2021 REAL ESTATE TAXES:                      2020 PAY 2021 MOBILE HOME TAXES

First Half Real Estate Taxes – Due 2/15/21                  First Half Mobile Home Taxes – Due 3/1/21

Second Half Real Estate Taxes – Due 7/20/21             Second Half Mobile Home Taxes – Due 7/31/21


For your convenience, there are multiple ways to pay Real Estate Taxes.

  • Drop Box located at the West entrance of the Courthouse.
  • Online with a credit or debit card or e-check at Point & Pay
  • By Phone 1-844-463-8920
  • Mail personal check or money order. If you would like a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL 419-636-1850 BETWEEN 8:30 a.m. AND 4:30 p.m. 


Adult Probation/Drug Court

The Adult Probation Department (including the Drug Court Coordinator) are still working and in the office. Probationers are asked to call their supervising officer directly or speak to another probation officer prior to reporting to the courthouse. Any visitors wanting to wait with the probationer are asked to not enter the courthouse and wait outside or in their vehicle. If anyone has questions or concerns they can contact their supervising officer at 419-636-4722.

All probationers need to continue calling the random drug screen line and call their supervising officer for instructions if they are scheduled to test.

We also understand that finding an in person support group may be difficult during this time. There are many remote access support groups online and by phone. Below are a few trusted sites to utilize.

Board of Elections

Due the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Williams County Board of Elections will be temporarily closing our office to the public to help protect you and our staff. If you would like to request an Absentee Ballot for the March 17, 2020 Primary Election, please call our office at 419-636-1854. You can also request an application at

Clerk of Courts

Due to COVID-19, the Clerk of Courts is suspending the processing of Passport Applications from March 18, 2020-June 18, 2020. Applicants, please see the Passport website for available locations.

Commissioners’ Office

On September 10, 2020 the Williams County Commissioners made a Motion to revert back to Resolution 20-003 (which states meeting days are Monday & Thursday).  In regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the health of employees and the public, the Williams County Board of Commissioners are still holding their meetings via zoom until the pandemic is over.  

On September 14, 2020, the Board of Williams County Commissioners will resume holding Session every Monday and Thursday.

As previously stated, the Commissioners’ Office will continue to be open Monday through Friday. Our doors are locked, to help us stay compliant with the COVID restrictions due to our office space, therefore you just need to knock or call ahead.

Common Pleas Court

March 19, 2020 Statement from the Common Pleas Court, General and Domestic Relations Division, and the Williams County Adult Probation Department

Pursuant to Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner’s letter to all Judges issued on March 13, 2020: 

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, our workplace, our scheduling, and our children’s education. To complicate things further, there is no end in sight. So, as members of the judiciary we must formulate plans to respond and respond in a manner that allows courts to meet both our purpose and essential functions. Closing the courthouse and disrupting services is not a plan. The Supreme Court of Ohio is open and will continue to be. Some modifications have been put in place but we will continue to conduct the Court’s business.

The Common Pleas Court and Adult Probation Department are continuing operations.  We have implemented the following safeguards to protect the public and all personnel:

  • All surfaces sanitized multiple times per day
  • Cancel or continue any gatherings of 20 or more people

We are social distancing in our contacts with staff, public and in the Courtroom.  We are mandating the following:

  • Practice social distancing - maintain the 6 foot rule at all time
  • Only enter the courthouse for essential functions such as court appearances or emergency filings
  • If you are displaying a fever, cough or other symptoms, or have been exposed to someone that is experiencing these symptoms, do not enter the courthouse.  Call or email for further instructions:  419-636-2644 or

To all Attorneys:

  • Conduct a telephonic pre-hearing pretrial with opposing counsel prior to scheduled court appearances.
  • If further negotiations are needed upon arrival, they are to be conducted in a conference room such as the law library, jury room or a courtroom.   The offices of the Court are not to be used for this purpose (such as Judge/Magistrate chambers or the Court Administrators office)
  • Please review your court hearings for the next 2 weeks.  If there is a hearing that cannot be resolved and needs to be continued, please file a motion.
  • Incarcerated defendants – We are attempting to minimize the number of transports needed at this time. If you have incarcerated clients with upcoming hearings, please advise the court if the same can be conducted by video.  As has always been our practice, the following hearings will be conducted by video:  initial appearances, arraignments, probation violation (initial and probable cause).

Department of Aging

Due to the COVID19 crisis, a press release was issued by the County Commissioners concerning the county budget cuts.  As mentioned, office hours and workflow would require adjusting to accommodate for the reduction.  Due to the services our Department provides and the time it takes daily to provide them, it was decided to reduce the days of delivery.  Beginning the week of Monday, May 11th all Williams County Department of Aging senior centers & offices will be closed on Fridays.  The Main Office will be closed and emergency calls will be redirected to another number for assistance.  Home Delivery be will provided Monday – Thursday with a frozen meal offered for the upcoming Friday closure. Dialysis transportation will continue as normal. There will be no medical transports, with the exception of dialysis, on Fridays so we ask that you consider this when scheduling your upcoming doctor appointments. 

Our Main Office remains closed to the public, please call 419-633-4317 if you need assistance or have questions.  We are so blessed to serve the wonderful seniors of Williams County and are sorry for the inconvenience and realize this is an adjustment.  Your continued support, understanding and patience is greatly appreciated during this unprecedented time in our history.  Stay healthy & safe.

Questions regarding COVID-19 we ask they contact the Ohio Department of Health hotline at 1-833-427-5634

Dog Pound

Returned to normal operations. No appointments needed.

Engineer’s Office

COVID-19 is changing many means of operation. We are working hard to maintain continuity and limit disruption, however to minimize risk we have implemented the following:

Starting April 1, 2020 our main door will be open into the vestibule to drop off or pick up documents and there will be a bell to ring if you need to speak with someone.  There will be no access into the lobby or remainder of the building.  We are still asking everyone to minimize direct contact and please communicate by phone or email when possible.

We are deferring Sanitary Sewer billing for April until a later date.  Any direct payments or payments that we receive by mail will be processed.  Again, bills that would have been sent April 1,  will be sent and collected at a later date.

Our Tax map office will continue to review Deeds and Lot Splits.  If you do not submit deeds electronically we are asking that you drop deeds for review off directly to our office and they can be dropped off and picked up in our front vestibule.  We highly recommend that you call ahead for any questions to our procedures. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  

Job & Family Services

We will be closing our lobby to the public effective Wednesday March 18. Our staff is still working but are processing documents and information electronically. To better serve you, navigate to the Job & Family Services page under the Departments & Boards menu above.

OSU Extension Office

Governor DeWine recently issued a state of emergency and implemented a variety of strategies to reduce the spread of the disease. In order to do our part in reducing risk to our employees or clientele, we have implemented a teleworking plan. The Williams County OSU Extension office will be closed beginning at 4:30 pm Wednesday, March 18, 2020 to the public until further notice. While our offices will be physically closed, we are committed to continuing to conduct our work as fully as possible. In recent years, we’ve invested in the technology needed to facilitate effective teleworking. We will utilize all our teleworking capabilities to continue serving our clientele and communities. You should continue to feel free to call, email, etc. with any OSU Extension staff member as you normally would. OSU Extension is deeply committed to the health and well-being of its staff and doing our part to help slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office at 419-636-5608.

We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time and we will continue working to meet your needs.

Probate Court

In order to minimize the effects of the ongoing coronavirus emergency, the Williams County Probate Court issues the following General Orders:

  1. An automatic extension of 60-days is granted on allof the following:
    • The filing of all Inventories, including Estates, Guardianships and Trusts;
    • The filing of all Accounts, including Estates, Guardianships and Trusts;
    • The filing of Guardian’s Reports, Statements of Expert Evaluation, Annual Guardian Plans and Compliance with Guardianship Education;
  2. All pre-trials and hearings will be conducted by teleconference or videoconference, unless the Court orders that the hearing take place in person.
  3. All civil commitment cases brought under R.C. 5122.01, et seq. will be heard by the Judge or Magistrate via teleconference or videoconference.
  4. Attorneys with pending hearings must contact the Court prior to the hearing to make arrangements for the hearing.
  5. All pro se parties (parties without an attorney) must contact the Court at (419) 636-1548 prior to the hearing to make arrangements for the hearing.
  6. Filings will be accepted via FAX at 419-636-5405 or email at
  7. Where personal service of the Notice of Appointment of the filing of a guardianship required by R.C. 2111.04 is not possible, the Court will appoint the Guardian on limited basis pursuant to R.C. 2111.02(B)(1).  The Court will conduct a full guardianship hearing in the future at the earliest possible date when the required personal service is completed.
  8. Forms for most probate cases are available at various Probate Court websites around the State of Ohio and the Ohio Supreme Court.  Parties are encouraged to use these forms and return the forms to the Court via mail, private delivery, email or fax.  Parties are further encouraged to delay filings that are do not constitute an emergency or are not required by Ohio law.
  9. The Court will be flexible with all filing deadlines imposed by the Local Rules, available on our website at:

It is the intention of the Court to remain in operation to perform its essential functions.  The General Orders herein are meant to discourage anyone from personally appearing in the offices of the Williams County Probate Court unless absolutely necessary.

The Williams Co. Probate Court is not accepting in person requests for certified copies of marriage licenses at this time. To obtain a certified copy of your marriage license, please follow one of the processes below: 

ON-LINE - You can make your request for a certified copy online and we will mail it to you. Our website is:

Click on “Request Certified Copies” on the left side of the page. Fill out the form and email it to

The $7.50 fee will need to be paid via nCourt. You can reach nCourt by phone at (567) 210-3378, or online at . Choose “Probate” payment and enter “ML” for the case number.

Your certified copy will be sent to you via US mail.

TELEPHONE – You can request a certified copy by calling the Probate Court at (419) 636-1548 and we will mail it to you.

The $7.50 fee will need to be paid via nCourt. You can reach nCourt by phone at (567) 210-3378, or online at . Choose “Probate” payment and enter “ML” for the case number.

Your certified copy will be sent to you via US mail.

Prosecutor’s Office

Due to COVID-19, “Call in Before You Come In” to Our Office. We are restricting visitors.

Phone conferences will be scheduled as appropriate.  

Williams County Prosecutor’s Office (419) 636-4411

Title Department

The Williams County Title Department is closed to the public effective April 1, 2020. Watercraft registrations will resume when re-opening. Please call the Title Department at 419-636-1915 for assistance. Thank you!

Veterans Service

Face to Face Interviews are being suspended until further notice.

We will continue to adhere to our normal work hours: 0830 hrs to 1630 hrs Monday-Friday closed from 1200-1300.

All interviews will be done over the phone and will be limited to emergency financial assistance.

Any necessary documentation or signatures will be collected at the front desk. 

DAV Transportation has been suspended until April 13th. 

WCVSC staff are prepared to work from home if necessary and have established availability for groceries and gasoline for eligible veterans or their dependents.

Victim Assistance

Many areas are experiencing an expanding outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus, COVID19. We would like to do our part to keep everyone safe in this time of Social Distancing. We ask that if you need VICTIM ASSISTANCE contact them by phone at the numbers listed below

Office: 419-636-6195

After Hours Emergency: 419-636-3151 Dispatch will contact on call advocate to assist. 

** If this is an immediate emergency contact law enforcement directly.