Requesting Deed Copies

Anyone who comes to the Recorder’s office may make a copy of a public document, including a deed, for $0.25 per page. The Recorder’s Office staff can provide assistance in locating documents within our office. We have provided a list of some of the document types available.

Written Request

If it is necessary to send a written request for a copy the cost will be $2 per page. Written requests must include the volume and page of the document. The volume and page can be found online at Ohio Land Records. The documents are not viewable, but the owner, type of document, and the description of the property is available to identify each document. 


In addition to identifying the document by volume and page, a check or money order for the pages to be copied must be included along with a self addressed stamped envelope. The Recorder’s office is not able to fulfill requests for document copies over the phone or through email.

Certified Copy

The Recorder’s Office is happy to provide you with a certified copy of your deed if that is what you need. However, if you simply want a copy of the deed, the cost is still only $0.25 per page. The costs for documents is outlined in the Ohio Revised Code and provided on the Fees page. If you are uncertain whether you need a certified copy it might be beneficial to contact a lawyer.

Deed Processing Notice

Another round of letters is being distributed with slightly different wording. Please be aware that it is not necessary to pay exorbitant fees to receive a copy of a deed. If you are unable to come to the courthouse, deeds are public records and anyone can pick up a copy for you.

The Williams County Recorder’s Office has been informed there is a company out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota sending out a “Deed Processing Notice” telling homeowners to send $83 to receive a copy of their deed. To receive a copy of the deed to any property in Williams County visit the Recorder’s Office on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse in downtown Bryan, Ohio.

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Copy of a Letter Received Locally

Deed Processing Notice